You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Jan Lewis Creative, Romford, You Cant Always Get What you Want 2

“Hey, you’re into sustainable fashion.” said my friend, “There’s something for you at Deptford Cinema next Wednesday”. So I googled it and found ‘shirting…’. I know, that’s what I thought – what is shirting…? (and that, by the way, is the correct way to write it – with a lowercase s in italics and three dots).


shirting… is the brainchild of Elena, Lucija, Neja and Dejan from Slovenia. It’s about sharing. It’s about knowing where your clothes come from and passing them on. It’s about not always being allowed to have what you want (you can’t keep the shirt – you have to pass it on). It’s a great showcase for designers (if you reeeeally love it, perhaps the designer will make you one of your own). It is also, of course, about shirts.

Back home in Slovenia, they have around 53 shirts to choose from. The team are currently here in London (thanks to the Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Culture) and only brought 15 shirts but that’s plenty as they’re only here for 2 more weeks and you can only have one shirt at a time.

My shirt was made by Natasa Hrupic

I got to enjoy it for 5 days and agreed to look after it and take some photos to add to the shirting… gallery.

and this is who will be shirting… it next week.

Go to and choose a shirt (look for the shirtlist link). An email will tell you where and when to meet so you can collect it – they like to know who’s shirting… in their shirts – and you get to ask questions about who designed it and where else it has been. You also get to meet other shirters and see what they’ve got. I saw at least two other shirts I’d love to wear but, as Elena said, “We are used to being able to have anything we want. Well sometimes we can’t”.



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