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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“Hey, you’re into sustainable fashion.” said my friend, “There’s something for you at Deptford Cinema next Wednesday”. So I googled it and found ‘shirting…’. I know, that’s what I thought – what is shirting…? (and that, by the way, is the correct way to write it – with a lowercase s in italics and three dots).…
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Jan Lewis Creative, Romford, UnderCover Books

Don’t Judge a Book

… by its cover but by its packaging. I don’t know which of the two ideas below came first but it doesn’t matter – they both reawaken our interest in reading. I’ve heard many times that we should avoid screens and monitors for an hour before bedtime for better quality sleep. Well this is a…
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Black Friday

It’s Black Friday so we must shop! With that in mind, I went into town especially to find this rather special store. It’s designed beautifully. The walls are decorated with large, colourful portraits and in the centre, there is just one table of products. The portraits are of refugees and the items on the table are for you to…
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What is a brand - Font palette - Jan Leiws Creative - Romford, Essex

What is a brand?

One of the most popular misconceptions within the marketing world is the understanding of what constitutes a ‘Brand’, as such, we thought we should explain in longhand: So, What is a Brand? And why is it important, and why should you care! What is a brand – Let’s think about this… It’s not just a logo.…
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